What is it?


HPP (High Pressure Processing) is a cold preservation system which uses high hydrostatic pressures to deactivate pathogens in foods, which increases food safety and lengthens the shelf life of the food, as well as reducing or eliminating the use of food additives.

Advantages for the consumer

HPP technology offers new products to the consumer, which have been treated under the high pressures in a way that retains the nutritional properties of the foods. It eliminates the bacteria that spoil the foods and that, without the need for preservatives, can extend the shelf life of the product without it being affected.


Preservation improvements

Safer foods

The high pressures used deactivate the harmful microbiological activity that spoils the foods, without destroying its vitamins or minerals. In many cases it can also deactivate certain enzymes.

More environmentally friendly

HPP technology reduces or eliminates the use of preservatives. Chemical agents are not used, only water.

Fresher and tastier products

Preservation using high pressures maintains the freshness and sensory properties intact: smell, colour, flavour and appearance.

Less waste and more business opportunities

The high hydrostatic pressures extend the shelf life of the product while maintaining its quality and freshness up to the end of the consumption cycle.



The cold packaged food products are placed in the corresponding containers. Flexible and airtight packets are required, such as plastic bottles, vacuum bags, skin trays, etc.

The containers are transferred to the high-pressure receptacle and the vessel is closed to start the cold pasteurisation process.

The steel receptacle is filled with water, the high-pressure electric pumps increase the pressure in the receptacle up to a maximum of 6000 bar, which destroys germs and microorganisms. As the pressure is uniformly applied from all sides (360°), the product remains intact, without altering the structure or form to retain the nutritional quality (vitamins, minerals, etc.)

Once the pressure has been reduced, the water is drained. The high-pressure receptacle is opened and the containers with the treated products removed.

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